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Jamara Remote Control Animals

Take Control of the Fun with Remote Control Animals!

Calling all animal lovers and adventure seekers! Tinney's Toys, Ireland's farm toy superstore, is thrilled to present a roaring selection of Remote Control Animals! From classic RC trucks to realistic creatures and interactive pets, we have everything you need to bring the wild fun home.

Explore the RC Animal Kingdom:

  • Roaring RC Trucks: Get ready for off-road adventures with powerful and rugged remote-controlled trucks! Conquer any terrain and unleash RC thrills! 

  • Realistic RC Creatures: Bring the animal kingdom to life with stunningly realistic remote-controlled animals! These RC creatures move and sound just like their real-life counterparts, sparking wonder and imagination. 

  • Interactive RC Pets: Looking for a cuddly companion with a twist? Explore our selection of interactive remote-control pets! These furry friends respond to touch and commands, offering endless entertainment. 

  • Remote Control Playsets: Expand your RC adventures with exciting remote control playsets! Create a construction zone with RC trucks or build a prehistoric world for your RC dinosaurs. 

Why Choose Tinney's Toys for Remote Control Animals?

  • Widest Selection in Ireland: We offer the largest variety of remote control animals in Ireland, ensuring you find the perfect RC companion for every adventurer.
  • Fast & Reliable Delivery: Get your remote control animals delivered quickly and conveniently throughout Ireland.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Our friendly team is always happy to help you choose the perfect RC animal.
  • Endless Fun: Remote control animals encourage exploration, imagination, and problem-solving skills, making them a fantastic choice for kids of all ages.

Shop Remote Control Animals online today at Tinney's Toys and let the wild fun begin!

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