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Welcome to the world of wonder at Tinney's Toys Arts & Crafts! We're passionate about nurturing creativity in children of all ages, and our extensive selection of arts and crafts supplies provides everything you need to ignite young imaginations.

Light Up Creativity with Lite Brite at Tinney's Toys Ireland!

Welcome to the world of Lite Brite at Tinney's Toys Ireland, your one-stop shop for this iconic light-up drawing toy! For generations, Lite Brite has sparked creativity and imagination, letting kids turn simple pegs into glowing masterpieces.

Find the Perfect Lite Brite for Every Budding Artist:

  • Classic Lite Brite: Relive the nostalgia with the original Lite Brite experience! These kits feature a lightbox, colourful pegs, and stencils for endless design possibilities.
  • Lite Brite LED Versions: Take Lite Brite to the next level with LED technology! These innovative Lite Brite sets offer vibrant, energy-efficient lighting for a modern twist on the classic fun.
  • Lite Brite Kits with Different Templates: Find themed templates featuring favourite characters, animals, or even blank boards for freeform designs. The creative possibilities are endless!

Why Choose Tinney's Toys Ireland for Lite Brite?

  • Widest Selection in Ireland: We offer a variety of Lite Brite options, from classic kits to the latest LED versions, ensuring you find the perfect set for your child.
  • Fast & Reliable Delivery: Get your Lite Brite toys delivered quickly and conveniently throughout Ireland.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Our friendly team is always happy to help you choose the right Lite Brite set.
  • Guaranteed Fun: Lite Brite toys encourage creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills, making them a great choice for kids of all ages.
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