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Scales - all you need to know!

Scales explained

Our toys and models are scaled down replicas of the real thing. If you have a 1:32 scale tractor for example, you will need 32 of them lined up to equal the length of the real thing. 


1:16 Scale (Toys for younger children / Some collectors' models)

The largest size of toy tractors and models. These large, chunky models are mostly made of durable plastic making them great for younger children. 

Manufacturers - Bruder and Big Farm


1:32 Scale (Farm toys for older children / Most models)

This is the most popular size of toy and model farm toys. Most 1:32 scale toys are made from die-cast metal. Featuring more detail than 1:16 scale toys, they tend to have smaller parts such as wing mirrors and lights making them more suited to older children.

Farm vehicles - Siku and Britains.

Trailers & Implements - Siku and Britains.

Farm Buildings, Animals & Accessories - Kids Globe, Brushwood, Millwood Crafts, Britains.


1:50 Scale (New scale of farm toys for older children)

A brilliant new size of toy tractors and accessories. An idea size for children's hands and made from durable die-cast metal! This range is relatively new and manufacturers are designing more and more products in this scale.

Farm vehicles - Siku.

Trailer and implements - Siku.

Farm buildings and accessories - Kids Globe, Siku.


1:87 Scale (Miniture toys - ideal for travel)

Similar is size to matchbox cars, the 1:87 scale range includes a great range of tractors, trailers and accessories. These small toys are great for travelling.

Farm vehicles- Siku.

Trailers and implements - Siku.

Farm buildings and accessories - Kids Globe.



Please note that you should not mix & match various scales as the size difference makes them uncompatible. This is a guide only and any measurements are approximations only.


If you have any further questions about scales, please contact our sales team!