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At Tinney's Toys, we proudly present our outstanding customer rewards program, Tinney's Toys Rewards.

It's designed to put money back in your pocket with every purchase you make. It's as simple as creating an account using your email address, and you'll instantly kickstart your savings journey with points in Toy Rewards Cash for every online transaction.

Join today for free and begin reaping the benefits:

  • Enjoy exclusive rewards customer emails and perks.
  • Utilize your rewards for online purchases.
  • Your earning potential knows no bounds – the more you shop, the more you'll save.

Our Tinneys Toys Rewards program is now active in the following countries: Ireland, United Kingdom

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 At Tinneys Toys, we value your loyalty, and our rewards program is designed to give back to our customers. Here are the details you need to know:

  1. Earning Rewards: Your Tinneys Toys rewards are automatically credited to your account as soon as your order is shipped and processed within our system. You can start using these rewards right away. All we require is your email address to create a new account or sign you into an existing one.

  2. Cashback: With each purchase, you earn points. This cashback can be applied as a partial or full payment when making future purchases online. 

  3. Usage Restrictions: Please note that rewards cannot be applied to orders that involve price matching or specific promotional offers with manual discounts applied. Additionally, your rewards cash is non-transferable and can only be used to buy products available in our Tinneys Toys product inventory.

  4. Reward Expiry: Your Tinneys Toys rewards are valid for one year from the date of purchase. If you've earned rewards across multiple transactions, parts of your balance may have different expiration dates.

  5. Account Management: You can conveniently manage your rewards by checking your balance, rewards history, and order history through your online account. Additionally, you can use, earn, and redeem your balance at the checkout in our physical store.

  6. Exceptions: It's important to note that shipping charges do not contribute to your rewards balance, and any refunded items will have the earned value of rewards deducted from your rewards balance.

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At Tinneys Toys, we appreciate your loyalty, and we're excited to reward you for choosing us as your trusted toy retailer.